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Pioneering Crypto Equity tokenisation, CapchainX provides end-to-end ICO solutions to safeguard companies in their token offering journey. Leveraging our technical and business expertise, we are on a mission to build towards a healthy, sustainable and robust ICO space for millions of private companies globally.

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As a young startup ourselves, we understand your constant challenges when it comes to raising funding to grow your idea. That’s why CapchainX is striving to help companies like yours to access capital faster and at much lower costs. Throughout your Crypto Equity ICO journey, CapchainX can help you:

  • Create your personalised ERC20 tokens, token presale & sale smart contracts
  • Structure your token economics and distribution
  • Set up your token wallets to ensure secure settlement in Ether
  • Provide our technical & business expertise in tokenisation for your white paper
  • Provide legal expertise through our legal memorandum

We're currently working with clients in various fields (far beyond the blockchain space), such as asset management, IOT, mining, energy and agriculture.

If you're thinking about conducting an ICO for your company or simply wanting to learn more about it, drop us a message and we’ll help you in any way we can!

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